A traditional bakery right in the heart of the history and the city of Helsinki.

Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 6, 00130 Helsinki


We serve freshly baked goods, coffee and traditional cafe atmosphere, right by Kasarmitori, in Helsinki city centre.


Our bakery is located next to the cafe. We bake everything by hand and fresh everyday.


In addition to our own cafe, Eromanga products are sold all over the inner city in different locations.


The bakery comes to life early in the small hours.

All of our excellent products are baked fresh and by hand each day. In our selection you will find traditional salty and sweet goods, pies, buns and breads. Our most famous product is the meat pie, which is still made with the original secret recipe from 1946.


The best pastries in town, near you.

In addition to the cafe, our products are sold all over Helsinki city centre. Our retail network consists of 30-40 retailers from different parts of the inner city, where we deliver the products fresh every day. You will find our pastries for example in Stockmann, K-markets and the Old Market Hall, on top of many other locations.

Our story

In 1946 a baker named Virjo founded a bakery right in the heart of Helsinki, right by Kasarmitori. The bakery needed a name, and baker Virjo decided to just spin the globe, and point his finger wherever it might land. His finger landed in a small exotic island in the Pacific. The bakery was named Eromanga.

Around the same time a couple called Sirkka and Åke Snellman ran a small market place cafe in Kauppatori, that served coffee and pastries to townies. They had a small helper; their daughter Anja. The market place cafe ran in their blood: Åke’s grandmother had sold coffee in Kauppatori already in the 1800-century. The pastries the Snellman family bought from baker Virjo, and carried to the market place.

Åke owned a printing house but wanted to buy the bakery to himself. The two men bargained for years, but finally in 1975 the Snellman family bought the bakery.
Anja Snellman continued her family’s tradition with the small market place cafe, and the cafe as well as Anja has grown to be very familiar among the people of Helsinki. The small orange tent in the market place has hosted guests all over the world such as Nelson Mandela and Margaret Thatcher, who changed her high heels to more comfortable ones sitting in the cafe chairs.

These days Eromanga cafe in Makasiinikatu is a meeting spot for all kinds of townies, and the doors are opened every weekday at dawn, 7.00 am. The market place cafe, Hakaniemi market hall and Old Market hall cafe have moved on to the next generation entrepreneurs, but Eromanga is still in the firm hands of the Snellman family.

A heartfelt welcome to our cafe!

Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 6, 00130 Helsinki


Mon-Fri 07:30-15:30

Sat 7:30-15

Sun: Closed

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Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 6, 00130 Helsinki

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